Saturday, January 26, 2008

centerfold : life is easy

People live into different idea in different time. Time passes by, you never noticed every seconds bit of your life how changes made. You can’t control your life by saying that life should goes on. You would never change your life unless you see it into the mirror of the pass. The speed of the light can’t control by changing what you’ve done into your pass. Your visions of the future aren't always right, but they should always be hopeful. There is nothing standing in your way today! But you have to keep into your mind that the road is wide open and smooth. That’s how life goes, you have to see your self at centerfold of each pages. Explore chapter by chapter, and read cover to cover. Being centerfold your life will be easier and happy forever.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do Impacts Someone's Life

Always keep you busy - Life, Balance and Work
What brings you great joy in the workplace? Work pressure or maybe go to busy with all day activities, but sometimes being so much work brings me joy. Perhaps we share meaning about joyful events and circumstances? giving effort for your work without having affect to our lifestyle. Being dedicated to much to your work can be a stressful place, wherever you earn your living, in an office, a factory, or even at the school school. Some stress is results as good in our lives. It can motivate us and make us stronger but too much stress is bad. It will cause us irrational and quite literally sometimes it will kill us. However, there are specific things you can do that will help you reduce your stress at work and better cope with it.

"Every employee needs to know that the work they do impacts someone's life -- a customer, a coworker, even a supervisor -- in one way or another."Technorati Profile

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

must go all naturals - nature's trip

Welcome to Gumaca Quezon
Have fun at Gumaca, you'll wonder how the see waves breaks the sea wall. This place is really cool.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

"entertain the people around you"

Happiness :)
Today your imagination, dreams and fantasies will entertain the people around you. Lot of things comes in your mind, plan and some sort of activities that you should consider. Make some sort of plans like go to the malls, shopping, and looking for some things that are really nice to buy. Some of us stayed in the home just to watch movie, online chatting and make some fun like cooking. Some of them go to the church just to pray, meet somebody, or make some wish. But how those things will be managed and keep entertain people around you where the happiness came around you. Everybody enjoy talking someone’s life just for fun even the morality and dignity of each persons. Feeling about yourself and counting your blessings and realizing there are others much worse off than you. Sometimes happiness has fade away but through entertain people around you can make positive mental attitude and having strong religious faith. To live in a country that is at peace.